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The Independent State of Kernow, my debut book, is now available on Amazon as hard copy or Kindle. Please let me know your thoughts.

The second in the Kernow series is now available. The Isle of Kernow Fights Back continues to follow the exploits of the isle since the drift, and how the locals manage new threats from abroad.

Incarnate, my second novel, will be published very soon. Completely different to The Independent State of Kernow in setting and style, but hopefully you'll find it a real page turner.

The Independent State of Kernow
The Independent State of Kernow
ISBN-13: 978-1544087009

When the residents of Cornwall wake up to find that they have broken away from the mainland, and are drifting in a south-westerly direction, they realise life will never be the same again.


Faced with an unprecedented turn of events Whitehall sends Roger Stiles, their Civil Contingencies Secretariat, to deal with the situation. Roger arrives in Cornwall and is met by a rich array of characters. There are those from the formerly sleepy riverside village of Dumgarth who suddenly find themselves becoming a coastal resort overnight. There is the surfing community of Pentwen who fight to save their waves and town from undesirable commercial ventures. And there is the fishing village of Porthissick who deal with their new-found independence in their own, rather unconventional, way.


This is a funny and heart-warming story of how people come together in uncertain times, turning adversity into opportunity. 

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The Isle of Kernow Fights Back


ISBN: 978-1726248860 

The Cornish residents of the Isle of Kernow have been adrift from the mainland for nearly a year, and although they won British Overseas Territory status, this does not prevent Whitehall from interfering with their independence.


The residents are back and fighting for their rights against underhanded politicians and the world’s most famous biscuit maker. Using methods that may not always be considered legal, residents, surfers and fishermen turn political and commercial plans of sabotage into success, leaving no one in doubt about what it is to be a true Kernowian.


This humorous and somewhat irreverent tale shows how communities can come together to fight injustice and come out on top.

Incarnate - coming soon

Alison Campbell did not have the best start in life, a child runaway from abusive men, but she has made the most of her lot, waitressing in a Bristol café to keep a roof over her head and that of her teenage son, Matty. But, through no fault of their own, this finely balanced existence is all about to come crashing down around them.


Dark forces are at play, and use Ali and Matty as pawns in an extravagant game of philosophical chess, with extreme consequences. Murder and mayhem ensue, requiring the assistance of DI Ray Moore.


Incarnate will make you reflect on free will, destiny and the human condition. 

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