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The books have been buzzing around in my head for year, decades in some cases. But then wasn't the time to write them - now is. The debut novel, The Independent State of Kernow, was one of the newer ideas, but it was so timely, and flowed so quickly onto the page that this is the first book going to press. There are many more to come, different in style and topic, but hopefully all equally engaging.


Before the fiction was academia. I have been a psychology lecture for seventeen years, and as part of that role, I have been publishing academic work various formats. Now it is time to branch out and try something new.

Originating from the southeast I spent some years in the midlands doing as a mature student studying  Psychology and American Studies. I then followed the love of my life to Cornwall where we have lived for nearly twenty years. We have one son, a musician who lives in our beloved Bristol.

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