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The Independent State of Kernow
The Kernow Series


The county of Cornwall has broken off from the mainland and has drifted off into the Atlantic. This series explores what happens to the residents after this catastrophic event - with a good helping of humour.


Follow the trials and tribulations of the now named Isle of Kernow as it fights with its new identity, topography and unforeseen challenges. A cast of rich characters , fuelled by their own person passions fight it out.  

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The Independent State of Kernow


Some genuine laugh out loud moments, great in-jokes that I felt slightly privileged to get. A proper **** out loud at the government, and true anxiety/anticipation build up for the finale. A rollicking' good read, and I'm swimming over if it happens!

Dom from Essex

Feel like I know a lot of the characters. Great plot, love it!

Jacki from Kent

I love it - such a clever idea

Pam from Warrington

Timely and funny - captures the essence of Cornwall

Carol Child (author's mother - possibly biased)

The Isle of Kernow Fights Back


A great sequel the authors first novel “the independent state of Cornwall”. The book is an adult comedyfairytale about Cornwall and it’s people.

Tony from Cornwall

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